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Deep Red

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Deep Red

The full-color Lustr X8 array includes a patent-pending mix of green, lime, blue, indigo, cyan, amber, red and deep red LEDs. This deep red captures the subtle colors at the far edge of the visual spectrum enhancing skin tones, sunsets, and firelight in ways you didn’t know you were missing. Even more surprising is how this same deep red also brings a new depth to deep blues, saturated greens, and ambers.

The Daylight HDR array includes the same deep red, and adds in red, mint, blue, indigo and cyan. The best white light is made of the richest colors. Our Daylight HDR mix gives every colorist the raw content they need to uncover the right white for every scene.

While deep red has been around for years, it’s always been a question of brightness OR color quality. With fos/4 and Series 3, you get both. ETC’s Research & Development department, found a way to give you a fixture that outputs a surprising number of lumens while maintaining the nuanced color control you need to enhance each shoot. Whether you are outside on location, or in a TV studio, ETC fixtures deliver.

Quality light output at the brightest levels.

Learn more about the science behind deep red and why it makes such a difference in this interview with ETC’s Advance Research Group.