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Intuitive UI

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Intuitive UI

The user interface was designed with the cinematic workflow in mind. Features are simple and intuitive without compromising efficiency. The four backlit encoders change colors to correspond to the attributes they control on the screen.

Even new users can quickly and accurately adjust settings.

  • The physical UI lock prevents unintentional bumping from changing settings
  • Powered USB port for quick software updates and configuration backup
  • Settings menu accessed through the menu button
  • Toggle through operational modes using the function button

Color control

Nuanced color control that predictably goes from live, to camera, to final screen. fos/4 and Series 3 make your job as a gaffer or a DP easier.

You have the option to change your fixture’s default philosophy. When working with additive color, the fixture often decides how to mix the color requested. There are many different options. Traditionally fixtures choose to mix the brightest version of the color you’re trying to make. While this gives you intensity, it does not give you quality light. Aiming for quality may mean a noticeable decrease in intensity. We’re now letting you decide what you want to see. Use the Tune functionality to choose brightest, or best spectral.

Find and select the color you want quickly and accurately, then create your customized color palette with 12 programmable presets.