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Thoughtful Design

Engineers and industrial designers worked in tandem to bring you fixtures that not only perform beyond expectation but feel and look good too.

fos/4 Panel

The ergonomic handle design doubles as a safety-cable loop. The smooth, sloping curves enhance the look of your studio, not detract with a boxy design.

The Griprail gives a rigidity to the fixture while providing additional functionality. Its design was inspired by the photography industry and acts as mounting location for a wide range of accessories. Add an additional fill-light fixture to the back of fos/4. Attach your tablet or mobile phone for easy reference. You can even mount the fixture directly from the Griprail. Structural security with purpose.

fos/4 Fresnel

This is a true Fresnel fixture, complimented with the power of LED technologies, not the other way around.

Creating a soft and incredibly bright light, the beam is controllable with barn doors, soft boxes, and other accessories just like a standard Fresnel. Boasting an impressive 13-55 degree zoom that you can control from either the front or the back of the fixture, the perfect shot is never out of reach. Available in both Lustr X8 and Daylight HDR arrays.